Meat the team

Here at Central Coast Meats, we're all about transparency. Not only do we want consumers to know just how, and where, their food was raised– but, the people behind the scenes as well. This week we're featuring all the members of our team that spend the wet early mornings, cold late nights, and dusty weekends, to help bring meat directly to your dinner table. 

Dylan Sweet, professional fixer of everything 
Team: Production
Pos: COO & Co-Founder
Height: Easily spotted in a large crowd
Skills: Can fix anything with duct tape & zip ties


Ever been stuck on the side of the road when your car breaks down? Ever been stuck trying to fix that last part on a Saturday afternoon? If you know Dylan, you have someone to rely on in these situations. He can quite literally fix anything (seemingly, with anything). It wouldn't shock us if every time a leaky pipe needed fixing, the following went through Dylan's head: 

"I don't know who broke you. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for time, I can tell you I don't have any, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired through very unique experiences. Skills that make me a nightmare for broken things like you. If you fix yourself now, that'll be the end of it. I will not bend you, I will not place my calloused hands on you, but if you don't, I will get replacement parts from the garage, I will replace you, and I will fix you."

- Dylan Sweet (in a deep Liam Neeson voice)

Dylan can be clearly defined in throughout the lyrics of Find out who your friend are, by Tracy Lawerence. AND, if you're ever a captain selecting teams out on the blacktop, Dylan's a #1 pick 10 times out of 10. 

Prost, Dylan! 


Kyle Clement, professional coffee drinker
Team: Business Development
Pos: CEO & Co-Founder
Height: Alto
Skills: Dancing at weddings

073-CCM-teamshots (1).jpg

What do the tech, fitness, auto, agriculture, and wine industries all have in common? Kyle Clement. Kyle has dabbled in just about everything before discovering his passion for AG. Just about everyday, you can find Kyle down in SLO for an early morning workout, before heading out to take care of CCM responsibilities and working for Herman Story Wines. 

if you've ever had the chance to enjoy a cold Coors Light with Kyle, you'll quickly learn that he deeply cares about family, his work, travel, and is an absolute people person. Although, he was once caught between Mark Whalberg and Bubba Watson while ordering a beer and wasn't able to muster up a word– guess he tried to "play it cool" (weak excuse). Whether it's shark cage diving, heading to South Korea for a weekend, or driving through the bush in South Africa, he seem to always be on the move. But, we guarantee he'll gladly meet with any of you for a cold one! 

Thanks for keeping CCM on track towards it's north star.

Coors Light Cheers, Kyle. 


Coleman Langstaff, professional at getting things done before you ask
Team: Marketing & Farm Ops
Pos: Content Manager
Height: ehh, not short, but not tall
Skills: Making the best shaved ice you've ever had


Ever been to Hawaii and had the privilege to interact with some of the nicest and most down to earth people ever? Imagine having one of those people work tirelessly right alongside you you. Coleman is our newest addition to the team and comes to us from the island of Kauai. 

Coleman absolutely busts his butt taking care of CCM animals on the farm, creating and managing content, is a full-time student, and works at a coffee shop– talk about the #hustle. While Coleman lives in SLO, often times, you can't find him there. He's more often than not out adventuring, whether it be backpacking through Big Sur or chasing waves down south– probably why he wishes he could control time. Who wouldn't want to have an endless surf camping trip? 

Coleman has, personally, offered up lunch time hikes with any CCM customers. If you've ever wanted to hear a story that involves Blake Griffin, Will Smith, Ben Stiller and Mark Zuckerburg, while hiking up Bishops Peak– than I highly suggest you reach out to him!

Aloha, Coleman. 


Tommy Mathews, professional speeder & expert gooseneck hauler
Team: Production
Pos: Dir. of Farm Ops & Co-Founder
Height: Tall
Skills: Weighing pigs & drinking iced tea


If you've ever had the chance to have a conversation with Tommy, you've quickly learned that he's one of the most selfless people on this planet. He has a passion for serving others– making him a key asset to the CCM team. Often times, you can catch Tommy sharing stories of Lyle Lovett concerts, Saturday nights spent at Grandma's, or his dream of driving a race car. 

BUT, perhaps, some of our favorite times with Tommy are; hearing about his superhero fantasies, how proud he is to see his son's praying, and his ability to sing (and, we mean sing) any song that comes across the radio– if you get to see him rock out to Adele, you're in for a treat. 

If you've never had the chance to connect with Tommy, we highly suggest it. When you meet for breakfast, we're sure you'll be having eggs & bacon or rice krispie's and some damn good conversation. 

Cheers to you, Tommy. 

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Kyle Clement