Q: Do I get to select my products?

A: We select products on our customer’s behalf, so that each and every shipment contains a wide assortment of cuts. Every box includes beef, pork, and chicken (approximately 3.5 lbs. of each), for a total weight of 10 to 10.5 lbs. Each shipment is guaranteed to have the following: premium steaks or roasts; ground beef, pork chops or ribs; sausage or bacon; and a whole chicken. At times, due to seasonality, mixed boxes may be shipped without beef, chicken, or pork. 

Q: What comes in my box?

A: Each box is guaranteed to have premium steaks or roasts, ground beef, pork chops or ribs, sausage or bacon, and a whole chicken. We like to mix it up and deliver cuts that make for a delicious family meal or an epic group barbeque.

Q: Is it all grass-fed?

A: Our beef is 100% grass-fed and finished.

Our pigs live out on pasture and are fed a GMO/soy-free feed when needed, to help supplement their omnivore diet.

Our chickens live outside and reside in “chicken tractors”. These innovative coops keep them safe, but also allow them to be in the sunlight and fresh air. Here, they can peck, scratch, roam, and dig in the soil– naturally consuming the wide range of nutrients they need to grow. Our chickens are also fed a GMO/soy-free feed, which coincides with their true diet.

Q: Is it soy free?

A: Yes. None of our animals are fed soy products or soy by-products.


Q: Is it GMO free?

A: Yes. Any additional feeds used to supplement our animals’ diets are free of genetically modified organisms.


Q: Where do you get your animals? Where does the meat come from?

A: Every animal is raised on our farm. Currently, we breed and raise our pigs in our in-house breeding program with goals of starting our own cattle and chicken breeding programs as well. These programs will ensure that each animal will live out the entirety of its life on our ranch. For now, our cattle and chickens are sourced through reputable companies and continued partnerships. Rest assured, every animal we raise is born or hatched in California. We are, and continue to be, 100% local.

Our chickens come from a hatchery in Gonzales, CA, which is just north of us. We receive them as hatchlings.

Our pigs are bred and raised on our farm, through our in-house breeding program. 

Our beef is calved and raised on our farm, in cooperation with Avenales Cattle Co. These cattle graze irrigated pastures, right alongside our other animals.


Q: What breed of cattle do you raise?

A: We raise Angus cattle.


Q: Where do you ship?

A: We ship anywhere on the West Coast of the United States. We can also ship elsewhere (in the continental U.S.), but please contact us before placing an order.


Q: How often do you ship?

A: We ship at the beginning of each week.


Q: How do you keep the meat cold, in-transit?  

A: We have an eco-friendly, biodegradable, insulated shipping box, which keeps your meat frozen and safe during transit.


Q: How long can it sit on my doorstep in case I am not home to receive my box? 

A: We ship on Mondays, for delivery within 24 to 48 hours, which ensures the quality and safety of your meat. You will receive shipping notifications when your shipment is assembled and in-transit, to help you with timing. After confirmation of your box’s arrival, it is not recommended to let your box sit on your doorstep for a period longer than 10 hours.


Q: What does “pasture-raised” mean?

A: “Pasture-raised” is our way of communicating how we raise our livestock: outdoors, on pasture, grazing, picking, scratching, and ranging. This is one of the many ways we respect the animal, and nature’s fundamental processes.


Q: Where are you located?  

A: One of our farms is located in San Luis Obispo a few miles outside of downtown SLO, with the other in Shandon, 35 minutes north of SLO. Our offices are located downtown on Higuera Street. 


Have any other questions, or just want to chat? Contact us at tasty@centralcoastmeats.com or 805-591-4702.